About Us

A Little Bit About the Company you are Dealing With.

Brakemart has been established since 1988 and is part of a unique group of brake parts remanufacturers. Being part of a group has enabled each operation to pool resources, buy better, share information and expertise, so as to give our customer a good quality product for an economical price

What does Brakemart do ?

Brakemart is very specialised – Only Brake parts
new, remanufactured and stainless steel sleeving.
By incorporating stainless steel sleeving into the reconditioning process, Brakemart has been able to develop a system where they can satisfy just about all requests on the same day. It doesn’t matter what brake part it is, or what vehicle it is from. This system is supported by an extensive reconditioning factory and a large range of specialised stock. The next time you are trying to source that rare or hard to obtain brake part – Brakemart should be able to help you.

What Makes Brakemart Different ?

Because Brakemart only deal in brakes, our technicians are often called upon by Brake Mechanics to help with troubleshooting Brake System problems. So if you need a second opinion on that nagging problem, give us a call. Free services available to all Brakemart Customers.
Brakemart has a Quality System in place to ensure that our service objectives are met consistently. This Quality System has enabled Brakemart to be price competitive without sacrificing quality and service.
Product Improvement
Our Philosophy has always been to use only quality components to help make our reconditioned parts last as long as possible. Brakemart use only the latest design seals and non – corrosive stainless steel to meet this objective of longevity.
Environmentally Friendly Products
Recycling your auto parts makes sense. Apart from saving a heap of dollars, you are contributing to the environmental effort by reducing pollution by way of energy savings. By recycling your brake parts you are also helping Australia’s trade imbalance and helping local employment.

Brakemart is involved in a process that’s sweeping the world and saving literally billions of dollars in production costs and is of immense benefit to the ecology of the planet. That process is called “Remanufacturing”!

A Little Bit About Remanufacturing

Brakemart has specialised in Remanufacturing since commencing in 1988 – so what is remanufacturing? Quite simply, it is the ULTIMATE form of recycling – recovering and reusing not only the MATERIALS from which products are made, but reusing the PRODUCTS themselves. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me give you a Brakemart example.
Instead of loading faulty brake master cylinders into a smelter and melting them down for metal, Brakemart disassembles the part, cleans and reconditions it , replacing seals and other components – and re-sleeves the brake cylinder in non-corrosive stainless steel – so with Brakemart, you get a brake master cylinder back that is at least as good as the original.

By not destroying the part by melting it down, you actually recover a large amount of the energy and labour that went into creating that master cylinder in the first place – in fact research shows that remanufacturing conserves around 85% of the energy that went into producing the original product! and if you don’t think that’s a big saving for the economy and the environment, a recent study determined that the annual savings worldwide from the remanufacturing of auto parts – that’s only auto parts – was equal to the energy generated by around 11 million barrels of oil!

The remanufacturing industry is growing all over the world but in the USA, it has already reached as much as 45 to 55 per cent market share in the automotive replacement parts after market – and its predicted that in the future it will be close to 100%.

Incredible, but there’s another up side to remanufacturing that’s also terrific for the economy of your local community. That is the creation of new business ventures and local jobs. At Brakemart, remanufacturing is what sets us apart from our competition and as a Australian owned business, when you do business with us, your money stays right here, supporting the local economy and that support flows on to employment as at Brakemart, we employ local people.